Livetweet session, round 2!

Shannon and I will again, be livetweeting Disney movies under #writingthemagic at 7pm CST/5pm PST, tonight!

I wanted to get this post up sooner, but I’m kinda bogged down with schoolwork.  Grad school is a trap.  At any rate, tonight we’ll be watching Beauty and the Beast and The Emperor’s New Groove.

I’ll be drinking along with Brandy Alexanders out of a pint glass, because I don’t own nice things.  Last time we did this, it worked out pretty well, so I’m excited to watch some Disney movies and get my booze on.  Come along and join us!  You can follow either my twitter account (@recursive_limit) or Shannon’s (@Secretly_Samus).

Hope to see you there.


About relimited

Sup. I'm a computer science grad student out in California currently reading fairy tales rather than writing a strong testing framework.

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