Live tweets of Disney movies!

So, it turns out to write a Disney movie, we should probably re-watch a few.  I’ve pretty recently marathoned all 53 movies in Disney’s animated cannon, but for every Hunchback there is a Fun and Fancy Free.

Yes, Fun and Fancy Free is a Disney movie.  It’s also terrible, horrible, no good and very bad.  At the same time.  So, we have a (growing) list of Disney movies we’d like to watch again and try to figure out what works, what doesn’t work, why certain choices were made and if Snow White would be considered a level 60 Druid.

Spoilers: yes.  Yes she would.

Announcing the first of what will probably become a pretty regular occurrence, we will be live tweeting this rewatch of one or more Disney movies!  This lets Shannon and I interact despite being miles away without the problem of synchronizing the movie to play at the same time and praying Skype doesn’t bug the hell out.

Fire up your twitter client of choice at 8 pm CST/6 pm PST tomorrow, and look for #writingthemagic (or follow @recursive_limit, my twitter account, or @secretly_samus, Shannon’s twitter, but be warned, most of what I tweet has very little to do with Disney movies) for 120 character word thoughts about how the heck to make true love not corny as hell.

EDIT: Now with the correct twitter handle!


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Sup. I'm a computer science grad student out in California currently reading fairy tales rather than writing a strong testing framework.

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