Once Upon A Time…

Disney Animation Studios released a movie called Frozen.  And it was pretty good.  But it also contained a character called Olaf the Snowman, and that character was really bad.  It also had a lame villain that it didn’t need, and beneath Elphaba’s belting, there were serious cracks in an otherwise very good movie.

Now, in the land where this movie was made, there was a lad, named Johnathan, of about 20 and some odd years, who had always been taught by his father the most important lesson of all: “Always bet on back.”  But the boy’s father also taught him, “Put your money where your mouth is.”

And this boy sometimes fashioned himself a writer.  After he had seen Frozen, he got out one of his most treasured possessions, the iPhone 4S, and sent a magical text message to a friend.  It went as such:

Ok, I doctored it slightly to cut out my response. The important bit is "We should tho'."

For, you see, the boy had a friend, named Shannon, a girl of 20 and some odd years, who actually knew something about writing and film making.  And the friend also shared the boys concerns about Frozen.  And the friend was also, perhaps, a bit crazy.

And so, the quest began: the pair would write the screenplay to Disney’s next fairy tale movie.  This is their blog.  This is why normal adults stop believing in magic.


About relimited

Sup. I'm a computer science grad student out in California currently reading fairy tales rather than writing a strong testing framework.

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